Introducing The Reverend Linda V. Williams

Praise God. Rev Linda Verve Allen-Williams was born of her earthly mother, Mrs. Dorothy E. Tutt-Allen and father Chester Paul Allen 25 January 1947. Praise God.

She is the eldest of five (5) children (2 sisters) Phyllis LaMar & Deborah Bryant (husband Michael); (2 brothers) Russell P. Allen (wife Cathy) & Stephen O. Allen.

Rev Williams has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Pastor Clarence E. Williams, for 44 years. To this union God has blessed them with three (3) children. Valerie A. W. Hawthorne-Bey (son Rian); Rodney Sheldon Williams (deceased); and Michael S. Williams (wife Crystal/ son Joshua).

Rev Williams is a Blessed accomplished Administrator, Teacher, Preacher, Helper to mankind, Apostle, Vessel used by God that was BORN AGAIN February 16th, 1975. Praise God. Rev Williams attended school in Page County and Warren County Virginia. Married and continued college in Texas (Temple @Fort Hood) Germanna CC, J Sargeant Reynolds CC, Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (Oral Roberts University) Temple Hill, MD and currently attends Alpha Bible College, Baltimore, MD, Champagne, VA Site, and Zion Baptist Church. She has, along with the Macedonia Community Baptist Church family, received Presidential Awards, by President George Bush for working with children.

Rev Williams has traveled and lived all over the world and ministered to families in these places. In Europe she was blessed to work in the FAVOR of GOD, and HE is still showing FAVOR in her life.

Rev Williams has been blessed to work in numerous positions both here in the United States and abroad. She has held positions in Military Police Investigations Washington Procurement Office. The Pentagon, Defense Operations & Information Management, Fitzsimmons Army medical Center, Head Start Coordinator, Caroline County Public school System, and Mary Washington University, just to mention a few. She is currently a Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ FAVORED and equipped with the gifts of Ministry as in Ephesians 4:11 & 12.

Ordained 26 March 2006, she is currently Associate Minister and Program Coordinator for First Baptist Church, Harrisonburg, VA, under the leadership of Pastor Dr. C. E. Williams. She Preaches the Gospel in season/out of season; she lives her life pleasing before GOD; teaches children and mentors throughout the community; she has answered the call to stand in the gap for Widows, the physical, mental and emotionally challenged, and has a intimate relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the Table of the Poor. She is an active teacher, prayer warrior, counselor and First Lady. She has a passion for the work she is doing for her FIRST LOVE, JESUS. She knows her priorities GOD, FAMILY, MISSION.

Whom God Calls, He also qualifies! I have merely been used as a working vessel to do Kingdom building. As you discover how He has blessed communities through His calling, know that I am nothing without Him. Amen

Teacher (James Farmer Scholars), Mary Washington University, Fredericksburg, VA
2003 – 2006

Teacher (Sunday School, Women’s Ministry, Mentoring & Tutoring (Youth)) Caroline County, VA
2002 - Present

Program Coordinator/Grant Writer/Organizer for Macedonia Community Baptist Church, Woodford, VA
1999 – 2007

Program Coordinator for First Baptist Church, Harrisonburg, VA
2007 - Present


2005 – Board of Supervisor’s Community Achievement Award, Caroline County, VA
2004 –2005 Graduate of Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (SOFBI), thru Oral Roberts University, Temple Hill, MD
2005– Tony Evans “Conference for Leaders”, (Outreach Ministry), Waldolf, MD
2005 - 1st Year Completion , Studies In The Bible (Self-Study Bible Course), Manchester, TN
2005 – Present enrolled in Alpha Bible College, thru Billy Graham University - Tappahannock, VA
2004 – Plato Satellite Learning Center Certification Training, Virginia Beach, VA
2003 – Conference “America’s Promise Team Building” Williamsburg, VA
2003 – America’s Promise National Presidential Award, College Station, TX (Presented by President George Bush, Sr.)
2003 – Licensed Minister of the Gospel , MCBC, Baptist Association of Virginia.
2002 – Present - Initiated a Peer Counseling Program (12-17 y/o called “Rap Session) Initiated a class “Etiquette 101” teaching Virtues/Leadership/Manners/ Self –esteem, two classes (25 students @ class) Mary Washington University.
1999 – Kid’s Café, Macedonia’s Promise, Food Pantry, Blessing Boxes, Extended Help, and Church Buddies programs (co-sponsored) A Toy for Every Child, and assist families in 5 countries (Planning District #16).


1964 – Criser High School, Front Royal, VA
1969 – Completed High School, and started college classes at night. Arlington, VA
1973 – Training with the Department of Defense (DOD), completed special programs, Arlington, VA.
1975 – Training Completed, started in DOD Workforce U.S. Pentagon, Arlington, VA.
1976 - OverseesTour w/husband (great education, meeting different people of the World)
1978 – Work Order Desk Manager (took care of complaints from housing personnel) Fort Hood, TX
1986 – Temple University Sattelite Branch, Copperas Cove, TX 6 credits (Arts/Crafts)
1999 – Germanna Community College, Professional Interviewing Technique & Early Childhood Development, Fredericksburg, VA 6 credit hrs
1999 - J. Sargeant Reynolds , Professional Counseling (family/marriage/bereavement) 3 credits
2003 - 2004 SOFBI Completion Oral Roberts University, Temple, MD 45 credits
2005 - Currently enrolled in Alpha Bible College, (Billy Graham University) Tampannoak, VA 12 credits